Arthur Mirzoyan. Born in Moscow in 1981. Since 2002 he works as designer and illustrator. Since 2004, works in cinema and TV industry as concept artist, production designer and art director. On the project "Odysseus", Arthur work as director, production designer and the animator.

"Mirzoyan`s Odysseus" The movie idea is constructed on a basis of the antique writer Homer`s "Odyssey" . In which is told about Odysseus wanderings, the king of Itaka. After war with Troy he tries to come back home, but Gods interfere with it. In difference from the original, here action occurs during an epoch of the developed technologies, mechanics and steam engines. This world is fantastic. The scene with fight of Odysseus and Cyclop Polyphemus is very indicative in this sense. The Cyclops is machine, the robot, instead of a live being as at the Homere. At the same time Odysseus the alive human, but equipped with various mechanical devices.

""Mirzoyan`s Odysseus" was very hard work for me. More than 6 years i worked as concept artist and production designer. So creating such illustrations (concepts) was usual thing for me. But when i put more than 18 newly painted illustrations per one single second, adding some difference between them (creating animation) - that was really hard. And really interesting, so now i think about short length movie in this style. "
Arthur Mirzoyan, CGSOCIETY 2009.